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What are standups?

Standups (also written stand-ups) are cardboard cut-outs that can be used as decorations for birthdays and parties. They can also be used for personal room decor. You can mount them to wall or door, or can stand by itself.

Most cardboard standups are normally "life-size", that is, a cardboard figure that is the same height and width as the real person it represents.

Below is a quick list with brief explanation of the various types of cutouts that are commercially available in our store.


Type of standups

(1) Life-size - Cardboard cutouts which loyally represents real life dimensions. Good examples are musical standups.

(2) Exaggerated - As their name suggests, those are over-or-under exaggerated copies that cannot be represented in real life. Examples are the star wars series.

(3) Talking - With special electronics in them, those cutouts can actually emit a few basic sounds proper to their character. They are usually a bit more expensive but very worth it. They are usually powered by conventional AAA batteries and are hands down the most entertaining forms of stand-ups.

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